November 11, 2016
Turn Off Your Phone/Laptop Wi-Fi When Not In Use

This is how your phone/laptop acts when your Wi-Fi is on:

  1. “Hello everyone!  Are you my Home/Work hotspot? Here’s the list of all the hotspots I’ve connected to previously.”
  2. “I’m very naïve, so I have absolute trust in anyone who claims to be my Home/Work hotspot. As a result, I’ll connect without any doubt.”

Due to the vulnerability above, a malicious hacker can spoof as one of the “authorized” hotspots on your list, and trick you into connecting to them. They know which hotspots to pretend because of #1 above. After that, they can see all traffic including emails, banking transactions, and other private information. They can also install malware to spy on you through your camera & microphone.

Here are some examples of how to turn the wifi off:


Touch Settings > Wi-Fi > Slide the Wi-Fi button On/Off


Touch Settings > Wi-Fi >Touch the Wi-Fi button On/Off

Install McAfee Safe Wi-Fi through the Play Store. The app automatically turns Wi-Fi on/off when you’re near/far from authorized hotspots.