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Savings Certificates

Boost the Growing Power of Your Savings

Savings Certificates earn higher rates of interest when you deposit more money for a longer term. Dividends earned are compounded daily and paid monthly, and your dividends can be withdrawn early without penalty.*

Grow your money safely at a higher rate than a standard savings account.

Minimum Deposit $500 to $100,000
Term 6 months to 5 years
Rate 2.30% to 5.25%

Save for education expenses with tax-free earnings.*

Minimum Deposit $500
Term 1 year to 5 years
Rate 2.30% to 5.00%

A traditional or Roth IRA invested entirely in certificates provides a secure retirement investment option.

Minimum Deposit $500 to $100,000
Term 1 year to 5 years
Rate 2.30% to 5.00%

Flex Savings Certificates

Want the security of a certificate with the ability to earn a higher rate down the road? Flex Savings Certificates offer that and the flexibility to access your funds at the five-month mark.


  • Add or withdraw funds with no penalty during a 10-day window at the 5-month mark (amount must stay at or above minimum).
  • Automatic rate increase at the 5-month mark if rates for our Flex Certificates have increased
  • Optional automatic renewal to keep your savings growing.

Need Help Opening an Account?

Open a Savings Certificate through Digital Banking, visit your local branch or call us at 1-800-634-6632.

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Account TypeDividend RateAPY*TermMinimum Deposit
Flex Executive5.12%5.25%10 Months$100,000
Flex Premier5.12%5.25%10 Months$10,000
Flex Regular5.12%5.25%10 Months$1,000
Regular2.72%2.75%5 Years$500
Regular2.47%2.50%3 Years$500
Regular2.37%2.40%2 Years$500
Regular2.27%2.30%1 Year$500
Regular4.64%4.75%6 Months$500
Premier2.72%2.75%5 Years$10,000
Premier2.47%2.50%3 Years$10,000
Premier2.37%2.40%2 Years$10,000
Premier2.27%2.30%1 Year$10,000
Premier4.64%4.75%6 Months$10,000
Executive2.82%2.85%5 Years$100,000
Executive2.57%2.60%3 Years$100,000
Executive2.47%2.50%2 Years$100,000
Executive2.37%2.40%1 Year$100,000
Executive4.64%4.75%6 Months$100,000
Dividend RateAPY*TermMinimum Deposit
2.72%2.75%5 Years$500
2.47%2.50%3 Years$500
4.88%5.00%2 Years$500
2.27%2.30%1 Year$500
Account TypeDividend RateAPY*TermMinimum Deposit
Traditional2.72%2.75%5 Years$500
Traditional2.47%2.50%3 Years$500
Traditional4.88%5.00%2 Years$500
Traditional4.74%4.85%1 Year$500
Traditional Premier2.72%2.75%5 Years$10,000
Traditional Premier2.47%2.50%3 Years$10,000
Traditional Premier4.89%5.00%2 Years$10,000
Traditional Premier4.74%4.85%1 Year$10,000
Traditional Executive2.82%2.85%5 Years$100,000
Traditional Executive2.57%2.60%3 Years$100,000
Traditional Executive4.89%5.00%2 Years$100,000
Traditional Executive4.74%4.85%1 Year$100,000
Roth2.72%2.75%5 Years$500
Roth2.47%2.50%3 Years$500
Roth4.88%5.00%2 Years$500
Roth2.27%2.30%1 Year$500
Roth Premier2.72%2.75%5 Years$10,000
Roth Premier2.47%2.50%3 Years$10,000
Roth Premier4.89%5.00%2 Years$10,000
Roth Premier2.27%2.30%1 Year$10,000
Roth Executive2.82%2.85%5 Years$100,000
Roth Executive2.57%2.60%3 Years$100,000
Roth Executive4.89%5.00%2 Years$100,000
Roth Executive2.37%2.40%1 Year$100,000

Saving Certificates FAQ

Savings Account Basics

Savings Account Basics

Get an overview of savings accounts, including lessons on setting savings goals and how to choose a savings account.

* Fees may reduce earnings. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal from term share accounts. Contributions are limited to $2,000 per year. Terms and conditions subject to change.