July 1, 2016
Be Security Aware July

There is a current email phishing scam going on where you receive an official-looking email forwarded by your ISP, which states you have violated HBO copyrights and illegally downloaded “Game of Thrones” or other copyright protected entertainment. The notice states that you must pay IP-Echelon within 72 hours or the matter will be turned over to their attorneys, and provides a link to a website to pay. 

You’ve got this! You recognize the phishing signs right away:

  • You are being directed to a website to pay 
  • You’re being threatened to pay in 72 hours or you will be sued

You’re security aware! No way you’ll fall for this scam and click on a link to a website to pay a fine only to end up paying cybercriminals instead. 

And, you also know, it's a bad idea to illegally download shows and movies for two reasons. First, you are violating copyrights and that can turn out to be very expensive when you do get sued. Second, the websites promising these downloads are often compromised and infect your computer with all kinds of malware. 

HBO and other entertainment companies do use IP-Echelon to monitor copyright infringement. ISPs have been directed to issues warnings about downloading or sharing of unauthorized content and to suggest legal subscription options. If you do receive a violation notice, no, not you, but maybe someone you know, contact IP-Echelon, or your ISP directly, don’t fall for the phishing scam.

You’ve got this one, right? 

Be security aware!