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Protecting Your Accounts

Sep 9, 2020

You might have wondered why Honda FCU sends you a security access code (SAC) via text message or email. It’s part of our two-factor authentication process designed to make sure no one can access your accounts but you.

A SAC is a randomly generated, six-digit number that helps Honda FCU secure your account anywhere in the world. It serves as an extra layer of security beyond your password — each SAC is different and only valid for 15 minutes. To ensure maximum security, make sure the mobile number and email address linked to your accounts are up to date. And always guard your mobile device when receiving a SAC.

What can you do to keep scam artists away from your hard-earned funds?

  • Avoid public Wi-Fi: Public networks are about as secure as a screen door on a submarine; you should assume that someone with malicious intent is watching. This is true even if your accounts are set to automatically insert your password. Why? Hackers will exploit the network’s security vulnerabilities to intercept any information sent to websites you visit, including your password. So, be safe and do your online banking from home or from a location with secure (password protected) Wi-Fi.
  • Create ironclad passwords: Make sure yours don’t contain any identifiable information, such as a maiden name, your street, a pet’s name, birthdays, etc. And don’t use passwords you’ve used for other sites. Changing your password every 90 days can help, but only if you create a completely new and secure password. In other words, don’t recycle an old login or just change one number or letter. And if you’ve shared your login with an ex-partner, it’s time to change it. To automatically generate strong passwords, use a password manager (see below).
  • Don’t click email links: Phishing scams have gotten better at designing emails that look legit even to a trained eye. Instead of clicking an embedded link, retype the URL into the address bar or just bookmark the Honda FCU site for easy access.
  • Install a password manager: Whether free or subscription-based, these services act as an encrypted digital vault that stores your login information for every site you use. To access all your passwords, you only have to remember one that unlocks the vault. Many password managers also contain a password generator to create strong logins for all your accounts, as well as quickly change a vulnerable password. A password manager also identifies if you are using the same ‘login id’ for multiple websites. Password managers store only encrypted data (not your key), so your passwords are safe even in the unlikely event the servers get hacked.
  • Check your statements: Monitoring your bank and credit card statements, or your account history in Digital Banking, helps you track that your money is going where it should. Even though Honda FCU is skilled at recognizing fraudulent activity, no system can provide 100% protection. The strongest link in protecting your finances is you. 

Remember to install the latest version of Honda FCU mobile app to ensure secure access, and keep your antivirus software and operating system updated.

If you’re unsure whether an email or text was legitimately sent by Honda FCU, please contact us through secure messaging, digital banking, or talk to one of our helpful representatives at 800-634-6632.