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How to Make Dollars and Sense

Apr 1, 2021

You work hard for your money. These resources will help it work even harder for you.

April is Financial Literacy Month, which could be more unsettling than upbeat this year. Those who suffered financial challenges in 2020 already know how important it is to take control and rebuild their finances. And those who have managed to navigate through challenges might be nervous about uncertainties in the future. The fact is, everyone can benefit from improved financial literacy—regardless of their current personal circumstances. Knowing how best to manage your money will be crucial in the coming years, as you build your financial future. The good news is, Honda FCU can help you achieve financial wellness with assistance and information provided by the extraordinary free resources described below. Now, that’s worth celebrating!


Honda FCU delivers a full menu of online money-management tools that you can use in the comfort of your own home. You’ll find fast answers to various financial questions that can have a huge impact on where your money goes. Bookmark this resource page to locate the tools and answers you need. Whether you’re simply trying to determine the Honda FCU routing number or information on holiday loans, you’ll find the essential materials you need. Be sure to review the financial calculators that can give you clear personalized answers to save you thousands.

It’s a good idea to read through your credit report, which furnishes a lot of information on your financial status. If your score needs improvement or you simply need assistance in reviewing your credit report. If you would like someone to personally assist you, please reach out to your local Honda FCU branch to set an appointment with a Financial Counselor. 


Financial goals vary as widely as personal dreams. Some people want to purchase a home, while others pursue world travel or launching a business. There are those who plan on sending their children to college and still others who work toward a retirement nest egg. And many simply want to climb out of debt. Of course, a lot of people combine multiple ambitions. It’s all worth doing. And the first step to achieve any endeavor is to make it a formal goal. 

Setting goals leads to great achievements by motivating people to try their hardest. In fact, goal setting is widely studied as a motivator in human behavior for the simple reason that it works so well. Once people recognize the importance of any particular objective and realize that it’s achievable, they will find the motivation to push past any obstacles.

To maximize your motivation, make sure your goal is appropriately challenging, specific and concrete. If it’s too easy or hard, you won’t feel encouraged to do your best. If it’s too vague, you’ll have trouble finding a clear path to achievement. And if it’s not concrete, you won’t be able to picture it clearly. These first few basics will get you started toward a real goal. Keep these in mind, first. Then you can add a couple more steps to achieve confident, successful goal setting.

The popular SMART goal-setting strategy offers five steps. SMART stands for: 

•    Specific – Define a clear target.
•    Measurable –Describe in numbers how much money and how many steps are needed.
•    Assignable – Know who can accomplish it best. If it’s you, that’s fine.
•    Realistic. Keep it challenging … and achievable. 
•    Time-Related. Decide on a deadline. Without a time frame for accomplishment, it’s just a dream.

Here’s an example of a vague hope versus a SMART goal:

•    Vague hope: “I want money to buy big stuff.” This is hard to picture, plan and achieve.
•    SMART: “I will earn and save the $20,000 down payment to buy a $250,000, 2-bedroom home on First Street, working with my projected income in three years to qualify me for the loan of $230,000.” This is easy to picture, get excited about, plan measurable steps and achieve.

Once you know how to set goals, the only challenge is choosing your first dream come true.


HFCU is proud to offer Enrich Financial Wellness, a program designed to help our members improve their financial capability. Created by the people behind iGrad’s financial literacy program, Enrich lives up to its name by empowering you to make wise choices regarding your finances. Through Enrich, you’ll receive customized solutions to your money issues. Our goal is to provide you with information that’s relevant to your needs while remaining interactive and engaging. 

The Enrich Financial Wellness platform works nonstop to help you achieve your goals. Improve your financial health through learning opportunities and practical advice by visiting our Financial Wellness page and clicking the red button to request a free consultation. Answer a few quick questions and you’ll be on your way to the financial wellness you deserve. It’s one more way we’re helping our members succeed.
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